Live Performance, Film and Viewer

A hands-on interactive exploration of the influence that filming practices exert on our understandings of theatrical performance and interpretations of historical dramatical texts

shot-with-cameraHow do contemporary film-making practices influence the ways in which live performance and in particular staged historical drama is perceived?

The widespread pervasiveness of video as a cultural medium means that it is only too easy to overlook the effects that both practicalities and norms of contemporary production and direction techniques have on our reception and understanding of dramatical and textural content. By revealing some of the processes involved in filming the June 2013 Linlithgow production of A Satire of Three Estates and offering the chance for you to re-cut certain scenes of that production from the original source footage it is hoped that we may start to answer both this question and others relating to the main discourse surrounding this project.


To help develop your understanding of the issues at hand make meaningful choices when using the video sequencer please watch the video below about the filming before trying the video sequencer.  There is also a short introductory page which clearly sets out the practical parameters of the filming.

Highly recommended Watch alternative versions of two scenes Try your hand at editing a sequence




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