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We are offering FE College Theatre Departments FREE workshops in working with A Satire of Three Estates and its importance to Scottish Theatre from January to February 2014.

  • Two of your staff will be invited to a free CPD session at Linlithgow Palace on how to use the resources developed. Dates for the CPD opportunity are 7th and 10th March 2014
  • A professional Theatre Director and a professional Actor will come to YOUR college and work with 1st year students for two days in January/February 2014.

They will:

  • Workshop the dramatic time of the play, to break down its themes and contextualize its significance to Scottish Theatre during 1500’s ( Theatre History)
  • Use improvisational techniques and physical comedy to explore the clues Lyndsey gives us in terms of performance choice and the allegorical characters listed ( Physical Performance Techniques).
  • Give the students confidence in speaking Old Scots (Voice and Dialect work)
  • Workshop and rehearse key speeches from the play with the students ( Acting and Performance)

There will also be an opportunity for the students to explore alternative staging choices i.e site specific staging, promenade, in-the-round and traverse staging.

We will also invite students to perform at out international conference on the play in June 2014.

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Educational Toolkits on the way

We are developing the next phase of the Three Estates community strand, creating educational toolkits and teachers resources in a bid to get the play back into the Scottish curriculum.  The toolkits were developed during the June 2013 project workshops – to get a flavour watch the Community Outreach Documentary.



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Commmunity Outreach Documentary

A Wonderful film charting the Community Outreach Programme run by Found Arts in Linlithgow, June 2013. Shot by the participants themselves it shows more than anything how relevant and engaging The Satire of Three Estates is today.

The film is presented above in six chapters:

  • Session 1 : Our Scotland
  • Session 2 : What is Ane King
  • Session 3 : Physicalization of Allegorical Characters
  • Session 4 : An Interpretation of Old Scots as Site Reflective/Specific Staging
    Part A : The Commonwheal of Scotland has been lost.
  • Session 4 : An Interpretation of Old Scots as Site Reflective/Specific Staging
    Part B : Performance of Characters and Space: Rex Humanitas, Pauper, Sargent, Tift (Theft) & Decieit, Placebo, Merchant, John Commonweal, Danger, Solace, Pauper, Good Counsel, Solace, Diligence, Good Counsel
  • Reflections of participants

“This project has inspired me so much and I feel I have grown in confidence”
Margaret Anne Dale, Burgh Halls Group

“We have LOVED being part of this project. Thank you SO much”
Anne Morgan, Donaldsons School

“I’ve found out what type of friendships I want”
Kimberly, Youth Inclusion Project

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Cupar Bans performances at Cupar and Stirling!

It is a strange nostalgic feeling that as long ago as 1552 the same words were spoken in Cupar and a similar bunch of travelling actors enjoyed playing the very same bawdy characters.

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Cupar Bans performances 1st and 2nd June

The Cupar Bans will perform this weekend at:

The West End Festival , Glasgow at Kelvingrove Museum tomorrow afternoon ( 1st June) at 1pm and 1.30pm.

Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh on 2nd June at 11.30am , 1pm and 2pm

Here we have an short interview with The Linlithgow Players on the performance at the Farmers Market on 25th May.

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Performance of the Cupar Bans: 25th May, Linlithgow

We performed an edited version of the Cupar Bans at Linlithgow Market Square and Regent Square on Saturday.

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Community: Cupar Banns rehearsals

Hi all

We have our final day of rehearsals for the Cupar Bans today. Its beautiful in Govan.

Plan for the day is to do a dress rehearsal in about an hour then head off to Falkirk to have  mark out the areas we are playing on Sunday!

Here are a few pics!


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Community: The Cupar Banns

We started rehearsing the Cupar Bans( which is something like a touring ‘trailer’ for the Satire of the Three Estates) on Monday!

Monday saw us sat in the snug at the Scotia Bar doing several read throughs of the text in an aim to get our heads around the language …and meaning. It is so bawdy! We Love it! Later, we moved up to GTAC rehearsal studio in Govan to start piecing it together.

Over the past couple of days there has been a laughter that could give you a “a right wet sark” especially at Neville Millers gyrating seduction of Bes, Barry Walker’s pomposity as Findlaw and Calum Beaton and Floss Ross as Bessy and the Auld Man wrangling over the lock of a chastity belt . I don’t want to even think where those keys have been!

Yesterday we rehearsed outside at Linithgow Market Square which really brought it home how this short but sweet piece may have been received 500 years ago. several locals hung about to have a gander at what was going on which produced a few good conversations about the upcoming production of Three Estates. Inevitably we got soaked and moved into Linlithgow Palace where we spent the last hour rehearsing in the Grand Hall. That was quite something. To hear the language and work with the actors in a space Lindsey’s work had played seemed to bring a special energy to the final run of the day.

We have a couple of clips from yesterday which we will post in the morning!

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Welcome to the Community Outreach blog

All posts relating to the community outreach programme will be posted here.

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