A Satire of Three Estates – Filmed Performance

The full theatrical production of A Satire of Three Estates directed by Gregory Thompson and performed on Sunday 9th June at The Peel, Linlithgow.  This 5 hour production was filmed in full by Enthuse TV, directed by Richard Jack and is presented here in 12 scenes.

Scene 1 : The Opening of the Play


Scene 2 : Rex Humanitas, the Courtiers and Sensuality


Scene 3 : Good Counsel and the Vices


Scene 4 : Verity, Chastity and the Vices


Scene 5 : Divine Correction and the Reformation of the Realm


Scene 6 : Diligence and the Pauper


Scene 7 : The Pardoner

scene 7

Scene 8 : The Parliament Meets

scene 8

Scene 9 : Parliament Questions the Clergy

scene 9

Scene 10 : The Proclamation of the Acts of Parliament

scene 10

Scene 11 : The Hanging of the Vices

scene 11

Scene 12 : Folly

scene 12

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