Scene 1 (of 12) : The Opening of the Play

lines 1-77

Diligence enters and announces the play to the audience. He first addresses God asking Him to redeem all those watching the play. Diligence then goes on to give a short précis of the play telling the audience that it will depict the corruption of Rex Humanitas by Vices so that the he becomes governed by vile deceivers. Diligence, however, goes on to reassure the audience that the vices will be punished when Correction and Verity meet with Rex Humanitas. Diligence’s opening speech ends on a note of authorial humility and caution with him asking that no one in the audience be personally offended by the play since its argument is general and its intent is ‘for pastime and play’. It is, however, possible that this is intended simply to protect the author and the actors from being attacked by those criticised in the play.

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