4 star review of A Satire of the Three Estates in The Scotsman!


Tickets still available, and the weather is fine!  Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Satyre in its full glory!


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  • Alex Maxwell Findlater says:

    The first performance was a tour-de-force, full of gutsy comedy and sharp political and social satire. It is forty odd years since I have seen the play and the effect of it in performance is electrifying. In particular I cannot believe that Lyndsay was anything but a fore-runner of the 1832 reform bill, one might even say the suffragettes, except that he was not arguing for anything other than the commonweal. However he had the proposal approved that all bishops and abbots should be dispensed with, and there was a ‘modern’ sermon preached, perhaps based on what was actually being preached in reforming circles in Scotland in the early 1550s. This is hardly the writing of a fence-sitter!

    A wonderful day, in all, with excellent weather, even a bit too sunny perhaps.