Today’s the day!

Exactly 461 years ago today, the residents of Cupar were readying themselves for a groundbreaking piece of drama. Today, in Linlithgow, history will be made again when we perform Ane Satyre of the Thrie Estaitis for the first time in its entirety since 1554!

Amazing dress rehearsal  in amazing weather yesterday.



Tickets are still available and the weather is fine for the weekend so book your tickets NOW!

And here’s BBC Scotland  on the historical significance of the play:

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  • Caroline Scott says:

    I was at the Dress Rehearsal yesterday…of A SATIRE OF THE THREE ESTATES & THE INTERLUDE
    This is a Magnificent Experience to witness the thoughts of a 16th Century playwright which ring true today. The words and meaning of this play are given to the audience by way of fondness and kindness. Tho’ we sit in rapture for near on 5 hours , the performers in their strength of professionalisim gather us into the play. Go and see this , or see the recording which will come later…I am honoured to now, know where the root of ” The Sense of Worth” of all, first was expressed in our Culture .