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We started rehearsing the Cupar Bans( which is something like a touring ‘trailer’ for the Satire of the Three Estates) on Monday!

Monday saw us sat in the snug at the Scotia Bar doing several read throughs of the text in an aim to get our heads around the language …and meaning. It is so bawdy! We Love it! Later, we moved up to GTAC rehearsal studio in Govan to start piecing it together.

Over the past couple of days there has been a laughter that could give you a “a right wet sark” especially at Neville Millers gyrating seduction of Bes, Barry Walker’s pomposity as Findlaw and Calum Beaton and Floss Ross as Bessy and the Auld Man wrangling over the lock of a chastity belt . I don’t want to even think where those keys have been!

Yesterday we rehearsed outside at Linithgow Market Square which really brought it home how this short but sweet piece may have been received 500 years ago. several locals hung about to have a gander at what was going on which produced a few good conversations about the upcoming production of Three Estates. Inevitably we got soaked and moved into Linlithgow Palace where we spent the last hour rehearsing in the Grand Hall. That was quite something. To hear the language and work with the actors in a space Lindsey’s work had played seemed to bring a special energy to the final run of the day.

We have a couple of clips from yesterday which we will post in the morning!

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