Jamie Stuart, the original Sandy Solace, on Tyrone Guthrie’s production

I was absolutely honoured to interview the original Sandy Solace from Tyrone Guthrie’s famous 1948 production of A Satire of The Three Estates the other day.  A true moment of oral history that speaks for itself, and does so in a “richt merry voice”. Jamie Stuart, what a character.

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  • Mike Daviot says:

    What a marvellous interview. Lovely, warm, fascinating man with a pin sharp memory. I could have listened to hours of this. Great to hear him speaking some of the text – fluidly, swiftly and intelligently. Actors, take note of Jamie’s vocal energy and beautiful articulation – every ‘t’ cleanly and strongly tapped, every consonant savoured. This should be watched by the whole cast on the first day we all get together. This belongs in the Scottish Poetry Library and every other cultural archive in Scotland.

    • Ellie says:

      Mike, you should absolutely contact Jamie and go over to Glasgow and see him one day. He will be hospitable, entertaining and thrilled to share his many stories with you I’m sure.

      • Mike Daviot says:

        I’d love to! He’s a last link and fascinating in his own right. I will tap you for contact details at some point. Great job, by the way.