The Three Estates: Interview with Gerry Mulgrew

Gerry Mulgrew talks about his experience of playing Folly in the June productions of A Satire of the Three Estates, saying that, despite the difficulty for an actor of having to wait five hours to come on (!), Folly is nevertheless key to the play: “Being the fool he can speak directly to the King, and also, in a way, transgress the conventions of the play and deliver a message.”

Having been with us throughout the project, Gerry says that he has grown to really appreciate how important this work is for the Scottish drama.  He reveals he might even do a “cabaret” version of it at some point in the future!  He talks about the excitement of being involved in the June productions, saying that in assembling such a stellar cast of actors, Greg Thompson was able to take the project beyond anything we might have imagined when we first gathered to read it through in January.  He also says that the play inspired some of the Scottish writers who were among its audience, such as Liz Lochhead and Ian Heggie.  Hopefully the ways in which the play has enthused and stirred the audience members as well as those involved in the production will bean important part of its legacy.

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