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We are offering FE College Theatre Departments FREE workshops in working with A Satire of Three Estates and its importance to Scottish Theatre from January to February 2014.

  • Two of your staff will be invited to a free CPD session at Linlithgow Palace on how to use the resources developed. Dates for the CPD opportunity are 7th and 10th March 2014
  • A professional Theatre Director and a professional Actor will come to YOUR college and work with 1st year students for two days in January/February 2014.

They will:

  • Workshop the dramatic time of the play, to break down its themes and contextualize its significance to Scottish Theatre during 1500’s ( Theatre History)
  • Use improvisational techniques and physical comedy to explore the clues Lyndsey gives us in terms of performance choice and the allegorical characters listed ( Physical Performance Techniques).
  • Give the students confidence in speaking Old Scots (Voice and Dialect work)
  • Workshop and rehearse key speeches from the play with the students ( Acting and Performance)

There will also be an opportunity for the students to explore alternative staging choices i.e site specific staging, promenade, in-the-round and traverse staging.

We will also invite students to perform at out international conference on the play in June 2014.

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